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At Children’s Dentistry of Arlington, we specialize in pediatric dental needs and concerns. We cater to children and provide education in oral hygiene and nutrition to kids and their parents to prevent cavities and promote good oral health.

When Should I Schedule My Child’s First Dental Appointment?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit a pediatric dentist by their first birthday or within 6 months of the eruption of their first tooth. Early visits establish a dental home and focus on prevention, education and developing a positive dental experience and relationship.

Why Visit a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are to dentistry much like pediatricians are to medicine. After four years of dental school, pediatric dentists have two or three additional years of specialty training in the dental needs and treatment of children and limit their practices to treating children and young patients with special health needs. Pediatric dentists that complete additional continuing education and testing may earn the distinction of being board certified. Both Dr. Lindsay and Dr. Cestari are Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

Are Baby Teeth Important?

It is important to keep baby (primary) teeth healthy and cavity free, because they are needed to adequately chew food, develop proper speech, and help guide permanent adult teeth into position.

How Often Should My Child See The Dentist?

A checkup every six months is generally recommended and supported by most insurance plans. Children with dental issues or at higher risk for cavities may need to be seen more frequently.

How Can Parents Help Prevent Tooth Decay?

To prevent tooth decay, parents should work with their children to develop a good brushing and flossing routine that is done at least twice daily. Limiting the frequency of juice, milk, soda, candy, and sugary or sticky snacks can also help prevent cavities. A balanced diet, good oral hygiene habits and regular visits to the dentist will help give your child a healthy smile for a lifetime.

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